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Shanequa Banks

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Motivation is key to encouraging students to push through anything to accomplish their dreams.  Feedback, discussions, a moment with the instructor will give them what they need to succeed.

"Learners will bring with them into the e-learning environment behavioral traits inherent to their personality profiles. While the behaviors are no different from those they exhibit in the traditional classroom, the arena in which these behaviors are manifested is indeed quite different."

Feedback is key to ensure everyone is on the same page towards excellence

Relations are crucial in any teaching environment. "The one-on-one relationships that you have with your students, and the trust, respect, and consideration that you show towards them during every instructional session comprise the core of an energized classroom -- one geared toward promoting an enriched, meaningful, and dynamic learning experience."

The best way to truly delivery instruction is to keep in mind the following,

Are students allowed repeated attempts at quizzes? If they are allowed repeated attempts, do they receive the same questions with each attempt, or do they receive a parallel version of the quiz?
Are quiz questions equally weighted or do some questions have higher points assigned to them?
Are you responsible for unlocking course content? (If yes, create a time-table in which you note the points at which you have to do so.)
Can students post contributions to all discussion questions throughout the duration of the course,… >>>

Research on social presence offers information that can enhance one’s ability to foster interpersonal connections through technology. 

"Communicating with students through technology is quite different from in-person interactions."  "Online students frequently practice TMC through discussion threads, emails, chat/IM, text, and video using smartphones, mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. TMC is such a core element of online learning, it is surprising how few education professionals are ever trained in this regard.

": Self-advocacy is the ability to assert oneself or ask for help. In online classrooms, instructors cannot see a confused look on a student’s face. Online students must take the initiative to ask for help before problems become emergencies. "

The strength of the working alliance positively correlates to adherence to an action plan, increasing the likelihood of positive student outcomes. 

The instructor does not have to develop the learning objects, but it will be helpful to know what to expect prior to teaching.

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