Shanequa Banks

Shanequa Banks

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Learning comes in different forms.  Testing does not have to be the only way to discern what our students are capable of doing.

I will find ways that will allow my students to feel seen and heard to ensure they progress successfully.

I plan to continue to include the different learning styles within my lesson to ensure every student has a chance to thrive.

Autonomy is the way to go.  Having an engaging experience in and out of the classroom will allow students to take ownership and accountability of what they are learning.

Revisions are needed to ensure the course goes with the current times.  This will allow students to adapt to the material easier.

Feedback provides potential for growth and understanding.

Scaffolding will allow students to build their knowledge based on experiences.  This can promote their willingness to learn more.

"Some learning objects are self-contained and therefore can be inserted in various parts of a course or be used as supplemental information or to provide opportunity for remedial learning. They can be disabled if they are not a necessary component of a particular template. Self-contained learning objects allow students to move more easily through a self-paced course. "

Clarity of rubrics are essential to the learning environment.

One must be careful in creating a reliable, concise, and unbiased rubric to ensure students have the ability to grow.

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