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I also find that I can not take things people say at work personally. And That when see someone not working as hard at their portion of the task to not take it personally, maybe they have a different approach, mine is to give it my all. Not everyone works that way. Some people think they can just "get by" and do less work.

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i totally agree that this course will help me not ionly in my work environment but in my all around life. loved it!

I really liked this course because I could really relate to the topics of angry, students. I learned how to deal with all types of adult learners and feel more confident going to work on monday. Thank you!


 I have just completed "Active Learning"

What have I learned? I learned to keep my students engaged and retaining what they llearn by continually staying active in the classroom and lab with the students and using props and drawings among other things like maintaining classroom manangement to keep my students engaged and on track with there work. I learned how to "active-ate" any lectures I may do by involving the students with hands-on projects to help them understand more of the curiculum.

How can I apply it/ I can apply the methods I have learned by using the sequence… >>>

Hands on is always a great way to get my students involved. This is a "hands-on" course however so there is no getting away from that

I liked this course but I am having a hard time associating what I learned there with the type of course I am teaching...

I have a few powerpoints for the demos done in class to help the students through it but I find they dont like copying it off the board (bored) haha! so i give them handouts and have them highlight areas of concern and always encourage them to ask me questions as I walk around the room and observe their "hands-on performance"

I am new to teaching and havent had to do any lecture. what I teach is 95% hands-on. I like to have fun with it though and ask questions throughout the evening and during classroom clean-up to ensure they are grasping each days lesson. I am finding that every new rotation of students that come through I automatically pay close attention to what I do that works and if it doesnt I do it differently the next time until I find something that captures their attention more.I am a big fan of utilizing "props" you might say to give them… >>>

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