Rachel  Choudhury

Rachel Choudhury

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As ADA Coordinator, I have to ensure that appropriate documentation are filed accordingly to provide the appropriate accomodations. Student's records should be mainatined ina confidential manner, only allowing need to know, so faculty/staff who work with the student will be able to provide the necessary accomodation. I will coordinate efforts - and consult as needed - with our national team for support.  

I learned about the UDL concept about 10 years ago. Many of our subject matter experts are trained on the UDL for course development on our LMS. We also use Quality Matters to ensure that learning materials are accessible for learners with disabilities.  

It's important to learn about the different types and levels] of disability in order to provide the appropriate accomodations. These disabilities are identified by medical professionals. Students may not be aware of their own disabilities, so faculty/staff should not be in a position to judge or label. Rather, they should be supportive by helping students verbalize their needs for assistance. 


Students are responsible for requesting accomodations for their disabilities.

By law, the school should have policies in place that define the process for students to request accomodations and the college to provide "reasonable" accomodations for students. Schools should also have the resources to be able to provide those accomodations.  


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