Rick Sisco Sr.

Rick Sisco Sr.CHEP

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I have been reminded to emphasize the unique roles and responsibilities of each member as well tofocus our team discussions on problem solving.


I have learned alot thus far and been reminded of more. Sometime we fade out of the things we should be doing. The is a helpful reminder.


 IEPs can be valuable resources to instructors as they show what accommodations and resources were helpful in the learning success of the student.

This portion is very informative and has enlightened me


It seems to me it is a subject of great importance in todays world. It is something that is continually evolving.


assignments help students to integrate their academic and career skills by applying them to authentic real-world problems

students need to believe that they are taking courses that will help them achieve their career goals

 No matter how experienced an educator is, it is always good to look at the instructional process and see where changes can be made that will increase the learning factor for students.

difficult times for group activities at this time, but this course is exrtemely helpful as new information as well as a reminder of other. Glad i am taking this course.


I can always improve in this area

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