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Posing the question in a different way, into more of a relative type question, ensure's the type of answer needed for a explanation. Will also lead to a more in depth discussion and therefore a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Being able to be flexible in changing learning styles can change the feel and beat of the room there by keeping students engaged and interested in the subject matter and more retention of subject matter.

I see alot of benefit in this understanding of learning styles. I will try to use alot of these small changes to hopefully have a student benefit of better retention of subject matter  and a more at ease feeling with learning all content.

Using a variety of lecture methods will keep the students engaged and alert to the rooms discussions and will hopefully create more engagement between students and instructors, along with getting to apply what's been discussed in lab in the shop right away to create a positive "I've learnt something today attitude and student is excited to apply the new knowledge. that creates a positive reinforcement of the days lesson plan.

being pre-prepared reduces alot of instructor stress when it comes to classes first start date, along with a prepared check list and note pad to help kept track of any needed changes to be done along with any first day student issues or concerns.

if a student is engaged with the material, they will have a high likelihood of a deep desire to understand and use the taught material in their chosen career path, being empathetic and having a lot of understanding will seem to go a long way to build credibility with students, who will then trust what you are trying to teach and see the value in lesson plan. 

Keeping things interactive and short, keeps attention high and responsive, allowing short interactive breaks with students is a really good way to keep them engaged with the process of engaged learning and wanting to stay engaged due to the excitement of learning something new.

Treating people cordially, daily interactions, showing to them the realistic goals to be achieved in bite size bits, seems logical but became more aware of while reading this module. creating a warm welcome learning environment is important to their success within their chosen industry.

By discussing student expectations before a class begins, I have learned different ways to approach how to present subjects to different styles learners in the classroom. Which should have the most beneficial effects for each and every students different learning style.

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