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What is your preferred tool to use online?

It is important the the tools are user friendly and ask for student feedback.


Reply to Lisa Creach's post: I first encountered this when I was the Financial Aid Director at SWKTS and a recruiter came in asking for a list of studentsAt first, I wasn't aware of the Solomon Agreement and wasn't going to give him the information.

In our current "Me Too" movement, the public is becoming more aware of all of this.  People are beginning to see what constitutes healthy relationships versus unhealthy and basically abusive relationships.  The more this is brought to attention, more people will be able to bring complaints of abuse whether it is female or male.  

One of the offenses that I believe could be more prevalent in the on-line environment might be "stalking".  Unless a student reports this, it would be hard to identify but I am watchful in the class discussions.  

I work in an on-line environment so this might present a little differently by a student being targeted on-line.  This would still need to be reported to the campus Title IX Coordinator.  The information reported is always documented and put in campus reports in order for the campus to receive any federal funds such as pell grants.


Title IX was inacted to protect students, employees, or anyone from being discriminated against based on gender identity.  As an online instructor, we may not be aware of a student's sexual or gender identity but would still follow the law.  

We are an online environment so all the safety measures are not relevant to us.  Our students are from all over the U.S. so we will not be able to monitor the student's environment.  We have a duty to notify someone if we believe a student is a threat to anyone else or to themselves.

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