Eric Ripley

Eric Ripley

Location: grand forks, nd

About me

I have had the privilege of spending my entire twenty-three year education career as a CTE professional in the Grand Forks Public Schools (North Dakota), first spending time as a middle school business education instructor and high school information technology instructor.  I became the district’s CTE administrator in 2009 serving in this role since then.  In 2012 with the approval of the Grand Forks Area Career & Technology Center, a virtual area center delivering a variety of specialized CTE courses via distance delivery.   I am priviledged to serve as the Administration Division Vice President on the National ACTE Board of Directors.

I remain an active and steadfast advocate for the benefits of CTE both within my district, across the state, and at a national level through my involvement with ACTE and administrative affiliate organization, NCLA.  There is no other curriculum program more relevant, more in line with workforce demands, more reflective on the changes in technology and equipment, and more impactful on our student’s educational careers than Career and Technical Education.


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Work with your CTE Administrator and State Office on questions related to Perkins.  Each state handles the distribution formula (between secondary and post-secondary), evaluation, and accountability differently.

Yes, it is important to understand the rules and procedures that go along with the available funding.

Similiar to other federal programs, the differentiation between supplmenting and supplanting is important when identifying expenditures for Perkins.

No, it did not suprise me having worked through the Perkins regulations for a number of years.  The biggest factor with Perkins is this is a federal program, but individually managed by each state.


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