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There was a section of this course that talks about Fear and Stereotyping. Sadly, when an individual doesnt present physical characteristics as being disabled they are assumed to be a student who just doesnt put forth effort in their education. There are many different types of LD's and its important not to label your students but rather use our educational scope of knowledge to accomodate each student's needs and tools to help them be successful. 

I have learned who can receive accomodations, reasonable accomadations and what laws protect students with disabilities. It is important not to think that a student with accomodations is at an advantage amongst peers without a learning disability. I'm happy these laws are in place and plan support any of my students who made need reasonable accomodations wihtin the classroom. 

Instructor image is everything. Being judged by your students from the first day of class sets the tone for the remainder of the the time together.  Its important to present yourself in a respectful, organized, humbled manner so that students feel comfortable, trust in your knowledge and welcomed. Instructors shouldnt assume students know the classroom rules, the matierial or that their age respresents maturity. Its important that we prepare ourselves as instructors before entering each class lecture/lab so that we can show our students how prepared/organized we are and knowledgeable enough to be the right fit for their learning experience. 

Paying close attention to your students will allow you to recognize any problems within the classroom. By recognizing the problems ahead of time an Instructor is able to keep issues from developing into something more serious and or dangerous. This also helps develop good student/class management. 

I've learned different strategies to keep students engaged and nondisruptive in class. 

Movement can be an easy way to place myself near the inattentive student to regain their attention, distractions and observe if they're bored with the lecture or if they're simply not understanding the content. It can be an easy and non embarressing way to address a student's behavior. 

Students need to function within 3 areas of learning; Cognitive, Social and psychomotor.

I think it's important to get along with your students and build a good relationship with them so that they feel comfortable with you no matter age or experience in the field. That their success, is your success. 

When ending a class review the class content that was done for the day and any concerns you may have. Reflect back on how the class went and any improvements that can be made to be sure youre utilizing the class time wisely and correct something that didnt work for you or your students. 

Getting to know your sudent. 

I would like to apply this by making sure students leave their first day with a sense of comfort and ease. I'd like to learn one new thing about them so that I can better understand their background and build a strong foundation with them. I would also like them to feel like they can always come to be with any questions or concerns and show them that I care about them all indivudually and their success. 

Using a checklist to help an instructor to stay on task and organized.

A key to instructional improvement is reflection. 

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