Randall Brown

Randall Brown

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Give everyone the opportunity to further their knowledge and understanding.

I've learned simple ways such as letting students choose their own lab groups and seats then later assigning them for them. This should help with their adaptability.

I liked the idea of having students use their smart phones to help with time management. Everything else was pretty obvious stuff. 

I've learned some causes for crisis. I've learned some effects of dealing with crisis and how to help yourself and others deal with crisis.

In this module I've learned how different types of test are formulated to test different things.


In this module I learned about the importance of understanding and determining differnet levels of general education and how this can play a crucial role students continued learning.


In this module I learned different ways of questioning students in order to help with their critical thinking and to get them more involved.


In this module I learned about ways that I can identify and use different learning styles.


This is a good remonder that you can refocus the students by having them realize their growth in order to motivate them in the later parts of the course.


I love the idea of raising the students self respect to aid in their success.


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