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One easy way to extend the thinking time for students to answer questions is to ask:'Are there any other bids?' or maybe "Are there other possibilities?"  By doing this, even when the first response may have been correct students quickly learn that they are free to agree or disagree with the first responder. After doing this several times I don't have to ask the second questin any more.  Just by delaying my response the class begins to contribute more opinions to the discussion.  We can then discuss which ways were the better ways to look at the problem and can… >>>

I am not permitted to adjust the values of each test, we give 6 tests all of equal weight.  I do, however, adjust the value of the various parts of the test. Our students need to learn machine operations, machine coding, math, machine shop theory and vocabulary.  It is easy to have one section of the test become predominate in the score so I assign each section of the test a percentage of the total score depending how foundational and important that section is.  I am more concerned with the importance of the information or skill for success in their… >>>

You say confront them about their coping mechanisms as if those mechanisms are bad.  They are often ingenious methods of adjusting how they receive information so that they can have it in a usable form.  The question should be how can we help them adjust those mechanisms to be more useful with the types of information we are providing.  The question is whether these adjustments will hold up in a job situation.  I have found nearly all students with these issues are willing to talk with me if they sense my empathy for them and my desire to help them… >>>

A sacrificial lamb is someone who pays the price for someone else's misbehavior.  I find the very concept abhorrent.  The similar concept of 'making an example of' someone implies that a disproportionate penalty has been assessed against one person to deter others from similar misbehavior.  This also is not acceptable.  These two techniques are often used in our society because they are an easier fix than staying on top of the situation and doing the much harder work of bringing each individual into line.  Who am I to select a person to bare the negative consequences of a major penalty… >>>

While it is true that some students will never, no matter what we do, take responsibility for their own learning.  Many, however, can be inspired to pursue the knowledge and understanding that they need for advancement in their careers.  To inspire them they must see that we are also engaged in ongoing learning, which means we do not know everything.  We also need to constantly show the relevance of what they are learning.  If we can't show that something is relevant, why are we teaching it?  They also need to feel encouraged to learn, maybe even enticed to learn rather… >>>

I use Powerpoint a lot.  The first thing I learned was to make sure there is enough light for your students to take notes and refer to additional resources.  Lights out, powerpoints result in nap time.  Text in powerpoints must be as concise and as short as possible while still conveying any information that will be asked for on a test.  Since I teach an industrial trade a higher percentage of my students are kinesthetic learners.  They get much more out of the powerpoint if I literally step into the picture and draw in additional information.  While the picture play… >>>

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What is the purpose of the pop quiz? Does pop mean unexpected or just minor?  I see pop quizes as always being formative so they should be designed to help students see what they have learned and what they need to work on.  Even on a scheduled test I like to ask the students some questions similar to some of the test  to help them get into their thinking mode before passing out the test.  I get a better picture of what they know and how good they are at problem solving if I have helped them to get their… >>>

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As an instructor in manufacturing technologies I consider problem solving to be a key issue for my students.  We primarily teach problem solving through our math classes but I am finding it to be more and more difficult as we have students who are used to doing a web search to find the ansers to their problems rather than ever really considering the problems themselves.

I try to to teach intentionaly using both deductive and inductive reasoning paths to try and solve math problems. Then I bring in some shop based problems and ask them to use those same… >>>

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