nanette leonardo

nanette leonardo

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The rate at which eligible populations are vaccinated is admirable and on track

communication is essential with students.. respond in a timely manner and give feedback . We have to be clear on our expectations and how they will be graded for example in the DB

There are various resources and technology which ccan help online faculty.. maximize it

I have learned the importance of diffrent social media/ technology tools in my teaching online and how to adapt each to what is compatible to my student's learning styles

tech tools are impt to online claases and needs to be user friendly

i have learned a lot from the course especially how vital my role is in online teaching and how best to engage my students and keep them interested

Substantive multiple evaluation is very important to student learning online

Assessments are important part of student success as well as feedback that needs to be given in a timely manner.

It is very important that clear instructions are given by online faculty so miscommunications are avoided.

Its important to maintain consistency in developing modules online so students gain familiarity

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