Michael Sobel

Michael Sobel

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Accurate record keeping is key to resolving potential student disputes.

The importance of online group discussion boards is often an under-utilized course tool.

It is a critical part of my teaching responsibilities to be sure to learn about each student from the beginning of each new class.

This course was a good reminder of the need to make sure that all my students understand the e-learning system from day one.

Motivating my students to try something that may not be a favorite thing is critical to helping them succeed in the future and in class.

The course is a reminder to keep the presentation process fresh, while alternating different types of material, in order to maintain student enthusiasm.

This course was a reminder to sometimes let the class discussion flow along naturally with the students and not necessarily every planned point on my prepared outline.

This course was an excellent reminder to me of the importance of staying connected with every students life realities and needs in order to keep them motivated.

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