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Paul Karas

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Never assume the student is okay. Too much communication is better than not enough. 

Coming from a military background the typing in all CAPS and blunt messaging was how business was conducted. This helped me understand and highlight some of the differences and how to overcome them. 

So far this has stressed the importance of effective and clear communication that is not just verbal one on one, but through many tools and services. Also the importance of feedback for improvement. 

My key take away is that you can never assume anything. Don't assume that someone knows what your acronyms mean, don't assume someone understands what a slang term for a job role means IE. "GRIP". Accurate and concise documentation is key. 

Having a workflow practice in place allows you to strive for perfection though it is not obtainable. Having a strategy vs. just winging it will help the students and the university in the immediate and long term. 

Accreditor rules and regulations should be the base line for checking placements. Working around placement rules is detrimental to students and universities, like covering up a stain instead of getting rid of it. Be accurate and communicate with potential employers to build relationships to help verify placements more efficiently. 

I think that it is great that they are actually looking at this and regulating it. Our national debt is astronomical, and student debt is completely over inflated. If government continues to subsidize loans to individuals, and then tell those individuals that they may not under any circumstances become absolved of that debt, as so far as to pass the debt to children and dependents. Then on the same hand they need to regulate colleges to teach degrees that enable students to pay back their inflated debt. 

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