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So important that both instructor and students collaborate on the learning models of this class 

communication is key as it helps both parties to maximize the learning tools to benefit the students so they stay on pace with the information dispensed.


Technology is moving so quickly that the learning tools are more advantageous for this and upcoming generational users google docs is a wonder tool for the classroom.


Like any new learning tool you have to understand the core concepts and principles then be flexible to implement the teaching process.

really appreciating these new concepts of both being the teacher and student simultaneously.


Really enjoyed the different types of assessment modules that can be used for evaluating for the desired outcomes. 

Both tend to apply in the field that I teach in, but more so the alternative assessments as it involves real world applications. 

As my parents taught me is that Wisdom is applied knowledge.

So with that in mind . I am a great believer in learning from the learners. As a professional in this Industry for over forty years and teaching for the last fifteen, I have found that there are constant oppertunities to learn in the classroom enviroment and using the students/teacher interactions to be a great teaching guide. The success are the daily results when we(students and myself) learn from that days activities.

and at the end of their schooling they return and share with you that one moment when the light went on, and they… >>>

At the beginning of each term, I spend a few minutes with each student to gauge what there interest are, how they feel about the subject matter and so on. During the meeting I also ask if there are any challenges that they have that may impact their ability to have a sucessful term and if so, what I should know so that I may help them to succeed.

After the meeting I ask them to put in worrds a LETTER TO THEMSELVS outlining their reasons for comming this School, if there are any support systems that they would like… >>>

I place students in different age and gender groups and  have them do up to date research on the powerpoint information from their smart phones. We then have a lively discussion on the pertinent information.

Some of the powerpoint information is outdated and no longer relevant to some of the subject matter. We then have discussions and i feel that the students feel more bought in to the lessons as they can participate in the direction of their education, and participate more.

I also use that discussions for assessment purposes, so that everyone has the responsability to participate in the… >>>

What I have found is that the old way of test taking is not working. The students are not really interested in book material, so every once in a while, I let the students write their own test as it relates to the subject taught and relevant material . It also give them a "Dog in the fight".

Believe it or not, many have similiar and a little above average test scores from the traditional way of testing which I have found very interesting. I also have them grade their own tests.

I also have random students write daily lesson… >>>

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