Omar Martinez

Omar Martinez

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for best results, its impotant to understand wihch technology tool fits and help not only for the instructor to deliver content, but also for the student needs.


Communication misunderstanding will always happened, but it’s important to establish clear rules to a successful online course.


Even tough social media its a great way to interact with students, you got to be sure the students have access to that technology. Got to see for the pros and cons of the used media.

Since it's important that rubrics got well done content, clarity, usefulness and reliability, metarubrics are a great way to achieve it. Never heard of it, but sounds like a great way to deal with rubrics.


I learn that the rubric must contain several components in order for it to be an effective and fair to all students.


Rubrics can be used as an assessment tool before and after assignments. Using self- and peer-assessments provide for the development of constructive criticism, witch it’s really important. 

Rubics are a great way for students have clear expectations of what to expect on their outcomes and a way to make us, the instructors easier the evaluating process, but sometimes it got to be arrange in terms of special needs, isn’t correct to always got a “general rubic” for everything.

I learn about setting a fair grading system with clear policies in witch there's a clear policy about extra credits and make-up test.

one idea I'll consider is having a plan B in place and changing the student's activities if needed. 

I learn about different metods aside powerpoints that help for an effective delivery of information. Also I'm looking forward to apply de 10-20-30 rule on my powerpoints presentations.


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