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In this module I learned that many different leaderships style are used. The leadership role in more engaged when you are proactive in relationships between leaders, followers, and grasp the situations as a team. 

I would say that the studnet must work a plan to be successful in the field of study they enter. The must have good time management skills and be ready to take on teh mentality that they must plan for success or they will fail. 


it is best to undestand the student and the course you are teaching. Helping them undestand the differeence between the networking system. keeping th estudent focused



The studnet may need to be coached on the value of sharing information durnign classes that are on line. It is important to put the studnet at ease with posting and making paost. there need to be a place wherre the studnet can fill free to post exceptable content while staying the guideline of the program. 


I learned that student may have difficulty with on line learnign due to poor time management skills. The instructor may need to help the studnet find the best learning enviroment tfor themselves

It been a pleasure learinnig about value added assement

I know that subjective and objective are different ways of gaugeing the students understanding of the course material. 


This module help me see the need to assertain knowledge on the tools and function of those tool in student learning. 


thye motivation can be to much if all you use is extrinsic to often


try to focus on the positive rather than the negetive. It is a good thing to look at feed back early in the learnign process


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