LaTara Marshall

About me

As a Career Development Specialist, LaTara Marshall works closely with students by preparing professional resumes, teaching interview techniques, and reaching out to potential employers in order to maintain an exceptional job placement record. Ms. Marshall's passion is to serve the economically disadvantaged and provide a pathway to meaningful employment through innovative career development and hands-on training.

Ms. Marshall brings over a decade of experience in staffing, job placement and career services management, and has worked across the nation in Michigan, Washington D.C., and Arizona. LaTara has also provided her career services expertise to a number of non-profit and workforce development organizations in Washington D.C

She is the CEO and Executive Director of The Center for Career Development and Training. 

RE: Graduate Outcomes - What Has Worked for Your Institution? | New comment by LaTara Marshall

Hi Ryan,  I am new to the group and came across your post. I have to agree 100% that graduate outcomes are a direct reflection on the institution as a whole. Especially at career schools. I...