Margarita Sanchez

Margarita Sanchez

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It must be made clear that we are accomodating them by providing the oportunity to suceed but not guaranteed they will succeed.  There is a difference.

Most people that do havve disabilities arent considering themselves with a disability but are labeled as so.  Such as a person in a wheelchair they can function just like most people they just arent as mobile or have to take another route to get there. 


I have learned the differnce between a disability and an accomodation. 

No we are not teaching children but people have different personalities and people tend to clash. We need to avoid classroom disruption and make the learning environment a healthy one. 

We must learn not to react and raise our voice or rgue back atthe student. In my class the students are right out of high school and act as if they still are.  They havent learned that there will be consequences to their actions. Thy have not matured on that level yet. Which is scary because how are they going to handle a situation at work?

There has been such a problem with students unfocused because they are on the phone.  There attention span is very short it makes me think that if my lecture was on a tik tock video they would pay more attention. 

Gave me helpful ideas on tailoring my class sylabus.  It is a contract as well between student and teacher it shsould include everything 

pertaining to the class grades, how to communicate with the instructor.  There should be nothing left out. 

I have a better understanding of essay questions and jst the different forms of tests being given.

Assessments are a good way of studying a student and seing how well they communicate and their education and comprehension level.


The Socrates method just gives the other person an opportunity to think and apply critical thinking methods.

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