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Understanding more about PTSD | New blog by Mike Orduno

I Really injoyed this subject learned and know i help my students with PTSD thank you

Questioning students | New discussion by Mike Orduno

Great Lesson learned alot of Good info

Dealing with problem students | New blog by Mike Orduno

I speck to them and let them first of all know that im there for them not aganist them i try to make them feel good about themselfs and the carrier they chose

Review | New comment by Mike Orduno

this course was very hard for me.

Students that dont seme to care to learn | New comment by Mike Orduno

How do you deal with students that you know can be something if they would only listen and learn what you are trying to teach them

Trying to help someone that wont let you | New comment by Mike Orduno

What do you do with a student that you see is strugling,but put up a wall and wont let you in to help