michael collins

michael collins

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if i am motavated then hopehope my students will be , i like to get one on one and talk about what they are doing and why they need to do this the way we are teaching 

i like the refocus tool i will be sure to try this , also i find it important to talk about the career that they have choosen and to talk about my experiances i think it gives some insight as to what things will be like for them 

i always try to learn the students names by the first few classes i also try to to some one on one time to learn more about them. i explain that if they need some one one time to ask question we can talk after class . 

i like the idea of talking about real life situations what it will be like in the work place , talking about whtat an employer will expect from you.

im hoping that service leaarning will contienue with students not just at school but though out their life


im looking forward to seeing students talk about there experiance with the commuity , i think its a good way to build confidence in a students work 


i think its time to think outside of our shop mybe look at some farms that maybe we could get our students to do some welding projects for and to help out some of our community that needs a little extra help


i teach in vocational school , we do alot of hands on and actully encouage students to build pipe projects .


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