Martha Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez

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That it's important and helpful to learn about the students in our class, to better understand their needs.

It is important to know about Charging Your Batteries, to avoid burnout and keep the students engaged.

This course gave me a lot of great tips and information to engage with my students in different ways. Students are people and should be treated with respect regardless of their age.

I found this course to be very interesting, knowing the different age groups, cultures, and learning methods are very important for an instructor to know.   

It's very important to assess students progress when using games to test their knowledge.

People learn more effectively when they work with others, and when the gaming is designed to optimized what needs to be covered and learned.

Students are more confident in the learning of the information being delivered, when they learn through games and virtual simulations.

Games may make the information more interesting for students, I find that creating some of the games are time consuming.

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