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Melissa Hohmann

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Minute assessment of the key points of the lecture would be a great indicator of the comprehension of the day. Great idea. I will certainly try. 

I have been using a learning style assessment the last few years and its very helpful in guiding a particular cohort, but I always cover bases by offering a variety as most students have their own blend of learning styles. Nice to know more about why from this tutorial. 

I typically vary my delivery in lecture and offset lecture with lab alternating to keep them engaged, but this gave some additional ideas to keep them on task. 

Its easy to jump right to expectations and forget to humanize yourself. I enjoy first day bc I get to know everyone and try to share my enthusiasm as we have one of  the highest job satisfation rates in the allied health professions. 

Again, I hadnt thought to journal about each course prior to this to recall later what worked and didn't work. I know sometimes I forget to implement all the good for next time. Same powerpoint, just some life examples are  better than others. 

I like the idea to have the student write down the specifics and rationale to their complaint. I can see how this would diffuse a situation or help them organize their thoughts and maybe reconsider. This could be a very productive strategy. 

I have always appreciated the first day ice breakers. Never thought it was a waste of time because it tells me some unique things about each student, their personalities  and sets an early pleasant tone of cooperation. It also helps us all put names to faces. 

They discuss hard copy grade books. I didn't realize people still did that. I now appreciate all that much more our structored electronic gradebook embedded in our shells. 

I have noticed consistently that students are lacking in soft skills and this is also a usual complaint from community resources feedback. Some of these things you want to assume was instilled in them by their previous interactions with family, peers, and prior instructors; but I am finding more and more this is not the case. We are sometimes starting at ground zero even with an adult population. I look forward to more content in how to manage this and incorporate it into the curriculum. 

Enjoyed looking at the link provided for tips to making a more effective power point and getting tips to make the font minimally 30 to be certain everyone can see. These are usually already formatted for me, but I will be a SME soon so I will need to know in better detail how to create these as well as other interactives. 

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