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Have been a urse educator over 8 years. Am prepared to the MSN/Ed level. Have sat on the OCNE/CERG committee for clinical nursing education in Oregon.

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Knowledge is fluid, it always changes, As an instructor, one learns as much from students as students learn from instructors, and no one knows everything. Our job as faculty is to try to lead on a journey to knowledge, a journey we should take together, but lead.

I will continue to work to make my time at work more productive so have away time as relaxing time. A balance is needed.

I am reminded that many students will benefit from small assignments in thinking, speaking, and writing in English with words, phrases, and Sentences. This includes word roots. I am reminded this is not just the student one traditionally thinks of as the ESL student, but also the student who regularly communicates in English, but may not write in English, or who communicates in another language at home. Many students who do speak English at some also lack basic grammer skills also will benefit.

ED 106

I prefer face to face. If I must use technology, I also prefer synchronous, because of interaction. If there is a portion where students perform on own, I like to go into rooms, evalaute how students are doing, answer questions, give suggestions, then bring back to large room for large group discussion.

I always think of FERPA as students rights like HIPAA is patient rights for privacy. Try to take a minute how not to violate that trust.

I have no problem asking the student who has knowledge a few extra questions, but a few questions could develop. The student could start showing off, other students might feel resentful. I have had instances where the student had wrong information and they shared their wrong beliefs with the rest of the class. Often there is no one so strong in their beleifs as someone who is wrong. I will ask how they came to their knowledge or beleif and share how I see other nurses practice in a manner that is not always correct. I know that I must… >>>

I just finished ED 111 and looking at interactive education helps me to think how I recreate the curriculum I teach as well as the curriculum I help other faculty teach in a more appealing manner. Shorter presentations with students doing more of the work and incorporating other styles into the classroom help to increase retention and true learning. I have to admit, I can only sit so long with a lecture before zoning out, my students have an even shorter attention span.

The information in ED 109 was useful. I have not used pretests and this is a strategy I think I will need to consider more often. I also want to develop a universal rubric for courses which can be adapted to invidual course needs.

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I think ED 103 reminds us that not all students learn the same way and intelligence is not linked to the way we learn. Knowing how we as instructors can give us insight into teaching methods and update our methodoogies and outlook.

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I enjoyed the course, supplied excellent theory. This course should be longer and given as an anchor course. The application of theory was engaging and hinted at some advanced theory in education from MSN/Ed courses. Nice!

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