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Mohammad Awwal

About me

I have just retired from Bank of America after working for 23 years. I had worked at the Bank as a Senior Technology Manager and I was responsible for managing a global database team, database design, and database security. I have worked at various roles over my long IT career (database programmer, database administrator using Informix and Oracle, database manager, database architect, information security and risk mitigation engineer, and senior technology manager). I have hands on experience in development, design, implementation, and management of various information systems using different database technologies (Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2) in various distributed platforms (Solaris, AIX, & Linux).

My passion for learning never stopped. I always wanted to learn and teach. Therefore, I pursued my dream towards my doctoral program while working full time and raising two sons. I completed my PhD in Computer Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have over 15 years of teaching experience in both face-to-face and in online format. I have taught database management systems, database management, information systems, information technology management, and information security. I teach not only to tell the story of my life, T, but also to learn from my students.

My research interests are in information privacy, database security, risk management, and

 High-availability database architecture.

I live with my wife in NJ. I have two grown up sons. I play racquetball. I like to hike by

Lakes and mountain. I also love to travel -see new places, meet new people, test new beer, and eat different food. I also do vegetable gardening in summer.

Discussions | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

I also agree. What I believe about discussion is not to give right or wrong answers, every thread should have open ended questions which will encourage students to think, research, and bring new...

Do you learn by teaching others? | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

That is my motivation to teach. Not only I share my life story where they can learn, I also hear their experiences and ideas which help me to learn. I learn a lot from my students.

What is motivation to lazy students? | New comment by Mohammad Awwal

I agree Ann. With more interaction, students feel comfortable asking questions and they feel that you are there to help