Marina Blakely

Marina Blakely

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I used the matching notecard activity in my class yesterda, and it went really well. I will use it again.

I'm going to try the index card matching activity today and the ball toss at the end, if we have time. Very excited to try these out!

I never thought about conflicts in an online only course and the need to documentation of chat sessions. There is a lot of one-on-one communication needed in an online course for all issues that you encounter. 

Think about how you provide feedback/comments in an online environment. I can improve on this topic, since I think most of my feedback was too harsh when simply written out without verbal and body language cues. 


I learned that students should post a short bio about themselves and I can email each student personally to ask if they have any specific questions. 

People with disabilities want to be treated the same as all others, and they should! It would be helpful to ask them what they CAN do instead of what they CAN'T do to complete the program requirements. Finding the right person on campus to be the ADA coordinator is a challenge for small institutions. 

Accommodations need to bring everyone to the same level. They should not provide unfair advantages to the users. I did not know about Universal Design, it's a very interesting concept!

It was very interesting to see comparisons of two students with similar disabilities, yet they handle them very differently. I liked reading about real life scenarios and possible accommodations. I'm still not sure how ASD students can be successfully incorporated into higher education if they cannot control certain disruptive behaviors. 

I learned that the law is very open ended and can be interpreted in many ways. However, the law gives freedom to instead of limits to the types of accommodations that can be provided. The law applies to educational institutions, private or public. Students still have to meet all the criteria set by the institution but they may need some specific accommodations to reach those goals. 

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