Marcus  Graves

Marcus Graves

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It is good to use different styles of testing to help you know what the students are learning 

Assessments and critical teaching is a big part of educational process 

Questions are good it lets you know what they are learning and understanding 

Learned better  understanding of the different learning styles and how to teach the information. 

Learning disabilities does not stop students for being successful in life 

Having disability does not change that the students willingness to learn it is just. They  need help in some area to help them understand the content. 

There are a lot more learning disabilities then I realize and effect more people that go untreated. 

Learning disabilities are different for the individual students so you have to different styles of teaching. 

Worrying about not making mistakes and helping every student do well in your classes.  

We some times think that all students are the same style of learner and personality as we have but we have students of all kinds 

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