Marco Mendez

Marco Mendez

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Immediate feedback is important to upkeep student motivation as well as understanding how individual students respond to certain circumstances.

I intend to be more welcoming each day and great the students on a daily basis. 

I learned that I have to be more flexible in my approach and understanding of students. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different challanges, so a "cookie cutter" approach will not work all the time. You have to be adjust to every student based on his/her needs and past experiences. 

I learned that I already implement a lot of these strategies in my course. One thing I can improve is communication via smart phone since most students have quicker access to that versus a computer. I can have the students download the app that syncs with the LMS or I can start using the Remind App to communicate with students more efficiently. 


Pre and post tests are popular ways of measuring outcomes and indicators how learning can be modified. I rarely use pre-tests and feel it would benefit my students if I start doing so.

I learned that people need motivation and ability to continue with a game; therefore, a game should be designed to address both in order to optimize what a student learns.

I learned how many businesses using gaming simulations for trainings. I knew this was the case for pilots and certain military operations, but not for other types. 


I like to let my students create review games for upcoming exams using platforms such as Kahoot!, Jeopardy, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? So far, I have learned that this is an affective method. I hope to learn about other platforms that allowing for educational gaming. 


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