Bessie  Lane

Bessie Lane

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This was a very informative module. I learned the importance of soft skills. How important the are from day one.

Actually it is to early to really talk about what I have learned, because I am still grasping on the different styles and suggestions and trying to figure out which one style or many would work with my students.


I agree it is a challenge to devise teaching strategies. However, I have learned to reach each student needs it must be implemented among students. I sometime have a hard time trying to reach these strategies, but I strive to do better in understanding each student style of learning


what I have learned is that my way of motivating students was incorrect. I know understand to motivate it must be untrinsic and extrinsic.


I can not ask questions at this time, i need to go back and read the article again and get a better understanding

not to be judgemental and to understand students have different learning needs

What I have notice in our institution is a the opposite.  I have notice the younger students tend to be more focused and have better study habits than the age groups of 30 and up.   I really don't understand or can figure out why, but the most I here this group talk about is there chores of home i.e..children, husbands and jobs.

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