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Great idea on calibration of faculty!

For those of us who are not as tech inclined as many of our students, how did you get past the intimidation to advance in your teaching methods?

So much useful information so far on how people learn and retain information differently.

This was a very interesting course.  Although I have not had ELL students in my program so far, I feel like I have some good ideas to make it a positive learning environment when I do.


I agree.  I was not expecting this course to be as interesting.  I learned many things that can be incorporated into orientation and graduation ideas.  Excellent!

This class is a good one!  We all deal with stress in different ways and this course is a good reminder of heal to deal with it more effectively!

Finding a way to engage every student is something every instructor faces.  This course gave some good insight and new ideas to try!

Excellent point!  I think having that real world experience is vital for career college students. 

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It is important to tailor your instruction to the dynamics of the group.  Although the information to be presented may be the same, each class has it's own "feel" and the instructor must react and change to facilitate learning.

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