Lynette  San Pedro

Lynette San Pedro

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My takeaway from this was that active learning is every a student is doing online or F2F in a classroom that doesn't have anything to do with passive lecture. I plan to make my lecture time more of a Q and A. Since they will be doing most of their work at home online they will be able to hear a short overview in class and ask any questions to clear up anything they maybe stuck on and then move to more hands on.  

my takeaway from this mod was to only have 5-7 steps in my demonstrations, every detail doesn't have to be included in the initial demonstration. 

My take away from this mod was that when you teach it should have the top 3 aspects to make a real impact on your student. I intend on making sure I know the information well enough, before each class.  

I think my biggest takeaway from this module was to show up early enough to be able to interact with my students, touch base with them, make sure they get it, make sure I know a little about how they are doing mentally... 

As an instructor being a model of what a medical assistant should look like really stuck with me. 

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