Latisha Page

Latisha Page

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 I learned that I would need the knowledge and understanding of the online course and systems to better assist the students when situations occu.

As a new instructor we can worry about things that may never happen. 

It's sad that young adults and older adults would act like children in the classroom. But they do and we have to address the issues. So, I learned how to handle a student who disrupt the class.

There's different ways to keep the students engage, by asking them to give presentations, or calling on them to answer questions, and even moving the students from the back of the class to the front of the class.

All the information will be useful in teaching the students.  Communicate with the students about late homework and due dates, being a good role model, telling the students what you expect from them...

Student learning and assessment topic is a great way to learn about the different test styles the way to make the test for the students. 

Group Process Technique by Charles Walker.. Group work.

I love when students ask me questions. Most of the time the students just need a little bit more clarity on a topic.

The best thing about teaching in the medical field is all of the learning styles can covered in a class or the lab.

I like topic of making sure students get the  graded assignments in a good time. I can see how this can cause students to lose focus because they want to know how hey did on a test or quiz so they can be prepared for the next test or quiz.

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