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I really enjoy this course, as a instructor that teaches Human Growth and Development classes it was a good refresher and reinforcement course for me. It also gave me some ideas that I can implement in my next class which is coming up in a week or so. I think as an instructor I can take the best of all that I have learned which will make me a more effective instructor, which will benifit my students, and after all isn't that the goal.
I am teaching a Human Growth & Development class right now and some days I am seriouslly thinking of showing up to my class dress as a clown just to get them going. If anyone have some suggestions on how to motivate this specific group I would appreciate it.
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People skills are so very important in every area of life, especially being a nurse educator. we deal with people every minute of the day, and if you are not aware of every word, every body language you are exhibiting you can totally distroy your patients their family members, and your students.This module is a refresher course for me. Thanks
I am so excited about this course. I will adapt and use many of these strategies in my clinical setting. I am so motivated to use some of these great ideas. Sometimes I struggle to come up with new ideas, this will be a great help. Thanks
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As nursing instructors it is so important for us to be able to get involve in some form of stess reduction management. We not only have to deal with our students, our patients, our co-workers, but our family as well. When we walk into the class room stressed out our students can see it right away, and the rest of the day is down the drain. This inservice was so helpful, we know this but revisiting this topic was very timely.
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Stress is not a bad thing in of itself it is the way we cope with it that will determine the effect it has on our lives.
I find that when working with an office mate it helps to be well organized, therefore we both can find our material. Color coding binders, folders and office supplies work well also.
I do agree that procrastenation is on of the drawbacks of time management. I think that as nursing instructors we have to always watch out for this it can really ruin an instructor's time management.

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