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Alexander Torres

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I intend to use these practices because I know it will be helpful and transformative for me and my students.

Its best to practice reflective writing, express gratitude or appreciation, and help when and where you can even if help is not yet asked for.

I plan on putting VIA to use with my upcoming classes as well as introducing and sharing the Mindful Pause Exercise.

What I've taken from this topic is that it is important to be persistent, skillful, and gritty in order to keep a steady flow of work/emotions. The 3 Good Things Exercise is probably my favorite because you can apply it to almost anything and recieve great feedback from it.

It is important to keep a positive attitude at all times because students will put out that same energy into their work ethic and will benefit them to do better and be successful.

It is okay to make mistakes as long as it is not consistently. 

Take notes on mistakes and how you solved them so you can improve yourself the next time.

Everyone is human, listen to the issue, offer a solution, and have them write down their concerns to get a better understanding.

You may need to add a third party to the situation if needed. 

Stay calm and ensure the student that you are there to help them learn and succeed.

There will be these types of students in every class.

However, there are great ways to suggest improvements for inattentive students or ready to quit students.

Make sure all students feel included!

In this topic I've learned a unique way to learning the student's way of learning and behavior.

Examining their knowledge/brainpower

Noticing how well they're able to get along with others, 

and how well they execute and/or understand projects/assignments.

Also engage with students so that they feel more comfortable going down the road to share more often!

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