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Comment on Liana Wood's post: I agree with the positive influence for the actual class or labs begin.

I like the idea of pairing students for review & discussions.

Always ask open ended question to insure feedback..

Make sure that all students understand that this type of communication is help based rather than corrective communication.

Make on open line of communication w/ all students.

Treat Students as customers with an open line of communication.

Pay attention to sleep, nutrition and exercise.

The day after information has been a ask the students different types of questions (OPEN & Closed).  Random students are asked questions and given 8 Seconds to respond.  They enjoy this and it seems to improve test Scores.

I use a class list of all students to randomly ask questions during lecture and lab. I make sure that everyone on the list participates to some degree and then start over with the list of students again, but in a different order. This gets everyone involved, yet no one knows which order I will call their name. This makes for more attentiveness as well as participation.
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It is important to develop good habits while practicing time management skills. One method of effective time management is to check the schedule or calendar at specific times each day. Adding sceduled events enters the information into a time management system, but this effort may be futile if we don't check the system at designated intervals. Whether electronic or pocket calanders, they should be checked a couple of time a day. A good habit is to check it as soon as the workday begins and then immediatly after lunch, to make sure that nothing is missed.

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