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Cell phones | New discussion by Keith Clements

Do you find cell phones are a help or hindrance?

Sell it to the students | New discussion by Keith Clements

Often I find something does not go as planned in the classroom. When it does and the students feel frustrated. I try and find a way to help turn the situation around and create it into a learning expe...

Keeping it interesting | New blog by Keith Clements

I find that keeping the class interesting and interaction with students will help peak their intrest and they have ownership in the class. They will want to be there

What about a baby boomer X gen | New discussion by Keith Clements

I did find out a lot about different styles. Myself borders on the baby bommers and Gen X. I am a workaholic but do love the ease of the computor life style.


Thomas is right. I have had students think I'm soft due to being more forgiving in there actions during a lab event or classroom . I try in making the classroom a relaxed learning area where students...

Younger verses Older students | New discussion by Keith Clements

In our institution we see many different aged students. What have you noticed about the study habits between the age groups from 20's up to 50's? I tend to see the older groups are more focused on th...

how to reach out to a student | New comment by Keith Clements

I have had to reach out to several students that were failing. Yes we have to be careful not to make them feel bad however I have used the direct approach to tell them where they are at in the...

Hands on demo | New comment by Keith Clements

I believe that in courses that have a lot of technical learning based off of theory, that hands on or live demonstrations works the best. As you are speaking during your demonstration you are also...