Janet Smith Stasiak

Janet Smith Stasiak

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The metarubric is a useful quantitative tool for systematically evaluating the rubric, which is something I had not heard of before, but makes perfect sense.

Rubrics should have 4-8 components.


Rubric building websites....COOL!

Rubric update is an often overlooked part of course revisions, but it is really difficult to grade assignments with poorly written rubrics.

Rubrics allow for students and faculty to know the expectations and for consistent grading.

Clear communication is essential and it must incorporate course outcomes and objectives

Time management is a key to success in any field, but particularly being motivated when you can work from home in your pjs!


This seems very idealistic.  I do not have the opportunity to assess my student's personality traits, nor do I have the flexibility or time to tailor assignments to each students' personal needs.  Great concept, but how could you demonstrate proficiency and attainment of learning objectives without some level of standardization?

I would love to practice Socriatic questioning and allow students to have the opportunity for self-discovery, but that is very difficult to achieve in asynchronus, on-line learning environments that are structured for authoritarian-style lectures.

I agree with the previous post that this over simplifies people and their charateristics. I think most people will have a blend of personality color types.  


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