Janet Iaci

About me

Operations Manager

Company Name University of Phoenix

Dates Employed Dec 1996 – Present

Employment Duration 21 yrs

Location Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

My position oversees the following task: Provided leadership, development, and oversight operations department. These duties included; facility management (presently 3 locations), calendaring for student courses, customer service to students, staff and faculty, supervising 4 employees at 3 different locations, intrumental in arranging graduation event and any other duties as assigned. ensuring compliance with department and organizational policies and procedures, ensuring timely and accurate resolution of all escalated student issues, and being responsible for campus safety as the back-up Campus Security Authority. As a member of the leadership team, helped create a culture of teamwork that united all campus departments and engaged faculty in strategies to improve student engagement.

Checklist | New blog by Janet Iaci

I will definitely have a checklist for each student I work with to make sure that I provide the student with all information so they can make an informed decision about attending my institution.

resource book | New blog by Janet Iaci

I have created my resource book for assisting me with providing accurate information to our prespective students and will up date monthly.

Advertising | New discussion by Janet Iaci

Very informative about the different types of advertising available to the institutions.  I also learned that a guaduation ceremony was not a requirement fir the institution.

Catalogs | New discussion by Janet Iaci

I feel there is a lot of important information in the catalog that the student would find useful throughout their program but I do realize the importance of the student reviewing the catalog prior to ...

Do they need training? | New comment by Janet Iaci

Yes anyone who participates in the admission of prespective students needs to complete the training.

Very helpful | New comment by Janet Iaci

I thought this training was very informative, gave clarity to topics that I was already knowledgeable about.