Janice Lwin

Janice Lwin

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Understanding that many impairments that require accommodations are not those that are outwardly obvious.

I am learning there are many types of ¨disabilities¨ that can affect learning in the classroom.  Each has itÅ› own unique considerations.


I have learned students must request the accommodations before they are allowed and the student must do this in the proper channels.

This section made me think more about the course outcomes and how to get students to creatively get there.


This information is useful when trying to incorporate different methods of instruction in different platforms to engage the student.


The diagram outlining the constant flow of information between student and teacher was excellent.  It illustrates the partnership between faculty and student to ensure active learning.


This course has provided some innovative methods to engage and involve students through the online environment.


These concepts will help enhance the learning experience in the flipped classroom.  One of the purposes of the flipped classroom is to save FTF time by having students learn concepts ahead.  These suggestions will help maximize learning.

The concepts of reflection and group discussion have been utilized in class and are very helpful with understanding.  Especially when the students work together, they are able to collaborate and help each other.

The idea of Justin time teaching and providing a quick check in for the students prior to class starting is a great idea! This is sure is the students have been accountable for their independent learning I can also give the instructor an idea of what content they need to review at the beginning of face-to-face class.

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