Jamie Leitschuh

Jamie Leitschuh

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I like the recommendations on how to deal with the different types of disruptors during online learning. As a brand new instructor, these types of recommendations are extremely helpful to me.

I learned the difference between synch- and asynch- discussions and when to use them.

I liked the section about posting your biography and commenting personally on the students' biographies as a way to begin building trust with each learner.

I learned how important the structure of the program can be, as well as making sure the students know I am available for support.

I like the idea about blocking lectures into 10-15 minute sections.

I like the notecard idea to learn about the students.

I like the checklist and notepad idea. I currently use post it notes, but they can be misplaced easily, so I think I will switch to notepads. I also really enjoy the Harvard video clips.

I really enjoyed the videos embedded in this course. Model, Manage, and Motivate and using my personality in my teaching are some key items I am taking with me from this course.

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