Jacob Lazarov

Jacob Lazarov

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Encouraging honesty in students, guiding them in how to respond to interview questions, and appropriate ways to build their resume. 

It is my role to help these students build confidence and understand the employment process. Convicted students will most likely have a negative mindset regarding the employment process. I want to educate them on their rights and the best way to answer these types of interview questions to give them the best chances of landing a job. 

Inform students of how to utilize "core skills" of confidence, honesty, and personal contact. I learned the importance of these can help students overcome the negative viewpoint of having a conviction. 

The US holds a high number of incarcerated people. These students sometimes are given unfair treatment when it comes to education and employment opportutnies. I learned different terms with probation and conviction. I also enjoyed the definition of looking glass theory and the importance as a counselor to help the client view themselves from a positive, accurate, light. 

I was unfamiliar with the 5 keys to success. Learning their specifics will help me teach students how to be a well rounded employee. I also enjoyed the statistics related to internships/ their importance. 

I enjoyed reading possible questions for the interviewer. I found this helpful as most people struggle to ask the company they are applying for useful questions. I also enjoyed learning about the importance of teaching students communication styles and how it is more non verbal than verbal. 

I learned the most about the cover letter requirements. Writing about how you will follow up and what details to include in the cover letter were helping details for me to share with students. 

There are multiple avenue's to teach students about finding jobs. It is not just "go apply to Mcdonalds". We need to teach students how to represent themselves, how their social media accounts affect the process, benefits of jobs, and what is important to them. A school usually has many resources/ opportunities for students that we can use. 

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