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I am the program director of the West Coast University Physician Assistant Program in Texas. I have close to 30 years of clinical practice and over 5 years in graduate-level program development. 

Potential Emotional and Psychological Challenges | Origin: ED142 | New comment by Joseph Hlavin

As a veteran and administrative and educational leader, it is vital to recognize early signs of conflict that can lead to misunderstandings and veteran-student intolerance - vice versa. 

Your Leadership Impact | Origin: LS103 | New comment by Joseph Hlavin

I learned about followership as essential to leadership. Greenleaf's work is very close to my leardership style.

How Do You Lead? |Origin: LS102 | New comment by Joseph Hlavin

It is amazing to realize the various leadership types and my own approach. Although I studied leadership as part of my dissertation, I am still blown away by the amount of leadership types.