Heath Partington

Heath Partington

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Definitely students will perform better if we can help them be passionate about the subject material. Knowing them and how to tie material to their lives can help with that

Definitely having a variety of learning methods whether video, mnemonics for memorization, group activities, etc is important to keep students from getting bored

In a lot of ways we are entertainers as much as educators. Adult learners can benefit from lighthearted moments and multiple media methods for learning in order to have more approachable course work.

Definitely being sensitive to individual students' needs is something I'm working to improve in my class

Vary delivery from lecture to other learning methods

Definitely getting to know the students individually including their goals

Definitely organizing the class with a checklist. Tell them what you're going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them. Sort of repetition-review and tying checklists to learning objectives

Definitely thinking back on my best professors and mentors I think on how to better teach

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