Holly Napier

Holly Napier

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Updated resources both internal and external are important in making sure that correct information is conveyed to each applicant/potential student.

In program marketing, it is crucial that programs are transparent in what is expected of students along with providing realistic outcomes for graduates. 

Transparency and clarity are crucial when speaking to a potential student in your program.  The fit must be right not only for the student but also for the institution. 

Having full knowledge about your university/entity is imperative to recruiting students who will be successful in their ultimate educational and career goals.  

People skills and active listening go hand in hand; they also exceed the amount of impact one can have with accurate program information and sales skills. 

Active listening is very important when understanding what students need and want.  By being present and reiterating/repeating their needs and questions to be clear in our own understanding we can help them to achieve their goals.   

Try to be actively listening to a person's response instead of partially hearing and thinking of a reply ahead of time.

Communication is so important and can be conveyed via body language, words or voice tone.   In learning how to utilize communication in each of these areas, we as professionals are able to communicate effectively and proficiently regardless of the message we are sending. 

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