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Rubrics is a special tool to be used to keep the students on task

There are so many tools and platforms to be used in social media. We have to tailor their use for a purpose

Using social media in a classroom set up can be beneficial to students learning and help them be more engaged. 

Social media is a very powerful tool to stay connected, engage your students and share ideas.

Comment on Melisa Holdbrooks's post: Using social media in a classroom environment can be very beneficial to students learning as long as it is used based on norms and regulations.

Comment on Shawn Gannon's post: Yes, we as educators are advised to connect students to great resources such as the social media to have them engaged.

We all somehow have a specific goal in life. From young age we dream of something or we have a wish, we want to be or to have. Discipline, the entourage, the environment, that strong desire within must be the driving force to get you there. That vision to be must be strong enough that nothing, no one can stop you. Of course, obstacles, friends even our own bad habits might keep you short of that goal transformed into a vision. It takes more than the idea to be to reach a specific goal.

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