Gayla Brewer

Gayla Brewer

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Managing communication in a clear and transparent method is important for students to be successful in understanding and clarifying questions.

I have more experience in F2F with synchronous learning, but this course focuses on the importance of utilizing both synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

I have increased my knowledge with a student-centered approach, and understand that active learning develops along with critical thinking and problem solving. Teaching online takes preparation to include technology tools. In a F2F, an instructor can utilize teaching with PowerPoint presentations to transition to Voice over PowerPoint presentations. My teaching style includes several methods such as, facilitator, demonstrator and delegator. 

I am increasing my online instructor understanding of the Course Management System and course delivery techniques. 

Communicating with my students about the content, and the subject. I understand that my students may not be used to my teaching style, so I listen to what they are saying and respond immediately and calmly to support them. I try to encourage my students to earn their respect. If the class gets off topic, I redirect the conversation back to the topic as easily with providing support to my students.


Remind the students on class assignment achievements and encourage successful completion of assignments. Students are concerned with how well they are doing and need to hear from an instructor about where they stand with their grades. This is an opportunity for change for students to work smarter on the second part of the class.


Listening to adult learners share about their work experiences is a great method of getting all students in class to join in with participation in class group discussions.


I learned to be well prepared for the classroom by going early to look at the room set up like from the student's point of view. To make sure all of the supplemental materials were organized. Really to be prepared to teach the class! My students like to meet early to have time to visit and just talk about what is going on in their lives a few minutes prior to the class start. This helps me get better acquainted with my students and can figure out ways that they will learn easier from our discussions.


Learned to be an effective teacher with new strategies. Practice, practice, practice.

Teaching Style:

  1. Content
  2. Push students about their assumptions
  3. Create opportunities for them to learn about themselves. (Harvard Business School video)

Review the syllabus to make sure it covers everything. Prepare supplemental materials for a course as needed. I like to bring props to class to get the students attention. Arrive to class early. My students and I arrive early so we have time to visit and catch up on what is happening with them. Make sure the classroom has everything set up prior to class. Be prepared!

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