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Experiential learning enhaced the ability of students to integrate academic knowledge with practical applications.  It will improved job or career opprtunities after graduation.  It increased relevance of past and future classroom learning.  It improved workplacesocial and human relations skills.  Learners are given the opportunities to apply communication and problem-solving skills.

Field Experience can build and expand on the conceptual, technical and practical experiences provided in the traditionalclassroom and provide insight into the expectations of the profession.  Interships can benefit students, institutions and employers both during and following the internship.

As an Instructor, and I choose a textbook as a tool, I must be familiar with the contents and delivery inorder for it to become an effective teaching tool.  The contents of the book should be correct, precise and accurate.

I agree that creating a professional image is an important factor in the success of the classroom environment.  Using common sense is one of the most effective ways of becoming a high-quality instructor.

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