Fernando Roman

Fernando Roman

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As a instructor our main goal is to provide a healthy and appropiate learning enviorment to our students. It is out job to facilitate the right tecnology integratiosn to make our learning enviorment a atractive one to our students and give them the oportunity to make integration with the course.


Is was really useful to know how the metarubric works and i have to be awared to acomplish every objective in a metarubric evaluation.

I think that building a rubric should be practical, have a good quality and technical objetives and fairness. Having these three components will asure me to have a complete built of a rubric.

As a professor you should have in mind that everytime you work a rubric you have to had present the acomplishment of the student regarding the topic of the assement. Every objetives in the rubric have to match a possible outcome for the student.

Its really import to use the rubric as a tool to address the knowledge adquired by the student. 

A good example for measuring a effective communication is the success of the students in the performance for the course.

There always has to be a margin to enhance our way to communicate with others in this case our students. Besides teaching a course is our responsability to teach ways of proper communication channels to our students and make sure they feel comfortable with it, the results would be awesome fro both the student and the instructor.

Every type ofcommunication with the student must be a effective and open one who provide the best results on every equation. An effective communication must be establish every time. In life there has to be rules and consequences as in every educatiional institution must have a code of conduct and the students must be open to follow thoose rules and to know what is the consequences of avoiding to follow them.



An Effective comunication have to be always a open channel between teacher and student. The results of this new TIC that we are living are they integration tool to our curriculum and effectiness is to keep involving our students in our way of teaching. Our students are digital native by their nature they are more propense to use technology in their live basis, it would be more constrictive teaching if we include our students in the use of new technology.


- Fernando Roman

Today we have to think outside the traditional way of grading, we have to look foward to a new type of asset where the student feel free to be creative and be more constructive.

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