Elizabeth Adair

Elizabeth Adair

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During this lesson, I learned that students can be engaged in many different ways and that motivation and encouragement is key when it comes to virtual learning.


I learned expectations should be put in place to help the online atmosphere.


This was a very informative lesson. I liked how the lesson reiterated the importance of adapting the lesson so the use of social media will be beneficial.


Rubrics are beneficial because it helps student to know and understand how they will be graded. They also can be edited depending on the social media platform used and task. 


Social media can be a powerful teaching and learning tool if utilized properly, and if it is used to enhance the lesson (not be the lesson).


I learned that holistic assessments are beneficial because it has each student in mind.


This was very informative. It was a reminder that projects should be based on the real-world and that multiple forms of communication should be utilized to interact with students, especially in the virtual world.


This is very useful and an important reminder to always custimize learning (even during virtual teaching when it's easier to do a "one size fits all" lesson).


This gave great information about the way students learn and how to best cater to their needs and learning styles in a virtual setting.

Mixed reality would be really good to use for the Interior Design standard in my class. 


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