Emmylou De Guzman

Emmylou De Guzman

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Know what type of leader you are. Trust and empower your team will be a lifelong success. Physical presence is not necessary, it the by end product that we look after. Listen more and talk less. 

We should be prepared anytime and this will help the staff/employee to have their pace when there's a site visit. 

on the  exit interview  onsite visitor usually  explain  deficiencies that were identified during the  visit and the possible scope of required corrective actions.

Learned that an email will be considered an important docuement from the student if the LOA is requested by the student. 


It will important that the campus is open for a visit. Give access to inspector if asked. We just need to assist or guide them for safety issue e.g electrical area. 


Everyone must be prepared announced or announced. All documents and resources played an important role in the visit. Always carry the smile even a staff or employee is having a bad day. Just my 2 cents


A great leader allows the employees and staff to share their ways of thinking to benefit everyone. It is the responsibility of a leader to find the balance so it will result to an effective results.

It is indeed that we should be prepared regardless if there's site visit or not. Know the right thing to do and be compliant to the policy and procedures of the institution that we are working with. 

this is huge in education. This protects our students information and we should be compliant on this privacy. It will create a great working relationship and as an educator myself, we make sure how to protect our students for our students safety and dignity. 

I learned that admission is a vital role in the eduational system. They played important role for the student success.

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