Ann Kane

Ann Kane

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Technology should only be a tool and its use needs to be scaffolded

Love the posting board for top earners. 
also I want to try to integrate some type of completion meter in my course to keep student motivation higher

I always worry that I am not intereacting with each of my students enough for them to feel supported. So, I'm going to work on some type of rubric to help me chronicle my time with each student.  Don't know what it'll look like yet.

online learning requires organization! I intend to review how my records are kept.

ensure that each learner experiences teacher presence in his or her learning experience.

make all feedback positive and constructive

seek student feedback

inviting students to post a detailed biography.  to send each student a personlized message early in the course and to share my biography in a thoughtfu and creative way.


Course delivery can impact the students in significant ways.

One area that I noticed and want to try was to take the student orientation for CMS to experience the course from their "side"


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